Palomar Library Staff Shares their Collectibles

Tea Time at Palomar Library.

august1.jpg (34135 bytes) After a group of "library gals" had tea together at a nice tea room in Escondido, we decided to put together a display of teapots and other memorabilia in that theme. We have also included pictures of our outing.



Isabel Aguayo, Christie Bundy, Diane Dellner, Jane Johnson, Cindi Jones, Glenna Mitchell, Mary Russell

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This display has objects collected by Isabel Aguayo.

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Isabel Aguayo loves I Love Lucy, as you can see by this nice collection.

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She also has a unique collection of Mexican miniatures.

                                                            The third case has a variety of objects.

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This small collection of Oaxacan (Wa-HAH-kan) wood carvings shows the rich imaginations of the carvers. Their culture is steeped in superstition, myth and magic --and it shows in their artistic creations. The sense of humor of these carvers is evident too. I hope these bright, playful little creatures brighten up your day. Collected by Christie Bundy.

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Norman Rockwell is the theme for this shelf. The items belong to Katherine Gannett and Judie Smith.

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Katherine Gannett collects these cute chicken baskets.


Staircase Display

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Mineral specimans from around the world.

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Collected by Don C. Miller, San Marcos resident.

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