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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Us - Sept. 15 - Oct. 15!

Hispanic Heritage Month has been officially celebrated in the United States since 1989. Organizers chose to begin the month long celebration on September 15 because that is the official Independence Day for 5 Latin American nations: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico, our closest 'Hispanic' neighbor celebrates its independence on September 16.

Image from 2015 Hispanic Heritage Month Library Display

Local celebrations include programming on PBS such as a documentary of photographer Pedro E. Guerrero) and a tribute to Local Hero Karemi Alvarez. The Hispanic Heritage Foundation, a White House initiative, launched the Hispanic Heritage Awards in 1987 to "commemorate the creation of Hispanic Heritage Month in America".

Stop by the 2nd floor of the Library to learn about Hispanic Americans who work at Palomar! To have your profile added to the display contact Public Services Librarian Linda Morrow

Added 9-15-2015
Welcome Back! and Summer Library Displays

We were so happy to welcome students for the Fall 2015 semester we mounted 2 'huge' "Welcome Back" cutouts!

Compostie image of 2 Fall 2015 Welcome Back displays

If you were on campus this summer you were fortunate to view our Route 66 and Balboo Park displays. Both were 'retreads', displays previously mounted at our library. It seemed fitting during the vacation season to again suggest fun summer options for our Palomar community.

Added 9-10-2015
New College Webpage 

Palomar College launched its new webpage on Wednesday July 1st. As part of the College Website Revamp departments are migrating to a standard template. This will allow our students and various users easier access to key college wide resources. Throughout the Fall the Library will be migrating its content to the new template.

A preview of the library's webpage will be be available in late October. We will ask users for feedback and suggestions before going live, so stay tuned! View this clip to learn more.    

Added 9-9-2015
Library Retirements 2015 

This academic Year 2014/2015 the Library said goodbye to four staff members. These Faculty and Library Media Technicians have a total of over 75 years of service to Palomar College. While we will miss their individual and collective professional contributions to our students, we are thrilled to celebrate the beginning of their next chapters in life.

Public Services Media Techs Kelly and Randy will probably spend additional time near the water once they no longer have to open the Library doors. Technical Services Media Tech Meredith  is likely to continue honing her artistic skills (e,g, making miniature books, desiging library bindings, etc.). Technical Services Librarian Byung Kang will do some traveling and continue re-organizing to make more time for visits with grandchildren.

We have already had goodby celebrations for Randy and Kelly and hosted an event for Professor Kang May 18th. Meredith's celebration was held June 30th.

Added 7-2-2015
Dashboard - Lessons on Avoiding Plagiarism, Citing Sources and More! !

Dashboard consists of interactive, online lessons designed to help students develop their information literacy skills. The lessons address plagiarism, incorporating outside sources into one’s own work, and the concepts and mechanics of citing sources using MLA and APA documentation styles.

Dashboard Image

 Some instructors will be using the tool within their classes but students are free to independently work with the 3 modules currently available to enhance their skills.

Added 8-18-2014

New Library Catalog -- WorldCat Local

The library introduced a new public catalog, WorldCat Local (WCL), in January 2014.

The most exciting thing about the catalog is that it allows you to search our physical and virtual collections at the same time. From the Everything tab on the searchbox at the top of the page type keywords, click Go and your list of results will include everything from books or DVDs we own to articles from library subscribed databases. Stop by the Reference Desk if you need help or want to learn more about using WCL.

Some catalog options especially helpful  for researchers are: the ability to link to the catalog record for a resource (Permalink), a save search button and export of bibliographic information to EasyBib for citation use. You can even use the My library account tool to view a list of library items you've checked out, titles you've requested and any payments made/owed. Click here to learn how to sign in to My library account.

WorldCat Library Catalog
Added 8-18-2014


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