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Using Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center (OVRC): Advanced

Basic Search Tips if the Issue You Want to Research is Not on the List:

  1. Completing the following steps may help you get to get started:
    • Determine what you are looking for by stating it in a sentence. Example: "I am writing a paper about women in the work place."
    • Type key words, ideas, or concepts about the idea. Some key words for the above topic are: women, work place, equal rights, equal pay, employment, glass ceiling.
  2. Combine terms with and, or, not to get the precise information you need. Examples: women and employment; women and equal pay or equal rights; women and employment not military.
  3. Follow the OVRC Search Tips to search for variants or other forms of a term (technique called Truncation (Wildcard) Characters). Example: type wom?n to find citations containing the terms woman or women.
  4. Choose from the drop down menu to the right of the dialogue box to search for your term in the Subject, Keywords or Full-Text of the resources.  Searching in the Subject will bring up the fewest results.  Searching in Keywords will bring up more results, and searching in Full-Text will bring up the most.
  5. Click Help or Search Tips at the top of any screen for online assistance or ask a Reference Librarian.

Tips for the Advanced Search if You want to Combine Issues, Limit Your Results to a Specific Time Period, or Search by Document Type:

  1. Click on the Advanced Search button to the right of the Basic Search box.
  2. Use the multiple dialogue boxes to enter more than one issue to search them together. Note: You can also search for specific Authors or Sources by changing the drop down menus to the right.
  3. Use the drop down menus under Date of Publication to limit your search to newspaper and journal article from a specific time period.  Note: Limiting the dates for your search will also limit your results so that only newspaper and journal articles are included.
  4. Use the Document Type drop down menu to choose to only search for one type of resource.  The list includes: Image, Website Listing, Primary Document, and Statistical Table.  If you do not limit by document type, your search results will still be organized by document type and therefore very easy to browse.
  5. On the Advanced Search screen you can also increase the number of results listed on each screen.  This can be helpful when you want to look through the entire results list and you don't want to have to keep changing the page.

For additional search hints, see our general Advanced Search Tips.

Mark/Select Multiple Results

  1. Click inside box next to items you want to look at more closely (or click Select all items on this page).
  2. Before moving to the next page, click Update Mark List.
  3. When finished marking items, click View Mark List.

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