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Valerie Belden  

Moments in Black History

In Fall 2008 Valerie Belden's Chicano Studies instructor assigned several activities requiring library research. As a returning adult student Valerie was then in her 2nd semester at Palomar College. That same semester her English class required she write papers using scholarly resources. This created considerable  anxiety for Valerie whose previous research experience occurred before the influx of Internet based information technologies. Throughout the semester she worked with Librarians and Technicians at the Ernest J. Allen Library (EJA) at Escondido, learning to use the online catalog, library databases and other library resources. Thanks to her persistence and studiousness Valerie successfully completed her first rigorous college research projects. The EJA staff is excited to work with Valerie again this term as she continues to develop information competency by using the library to enhance her learning, even when she doesn't have a library assignment. 

Added 03/6/09

Diane Peabody

Diane Peabody

Palomar student Diane Peabody has most of her classes at the San Marcos campus for the Spring 2009 semester. In the Fall 2008 term she completed her ENG100 coursework at the Escondido Center. While working on her research paper for Professor Ron Reed she began using the EJA library at this campus. Given her love for literature she found herself exploring the collection and getting to know the staff. While the collection at EJA was definitely smaller, to quote Diane "I loved working in the Escondido Library because it was easy to receive personal attention from extremely helpful librarians." Although Diane takes most of her classes at San Marcos this Spring, she finds time to stop by the EJA library to share what's new in her college experience. She hopes to take a class at Escondido again during the Summer session.

Juan Medina

Diane Peabody

As a student in one of Escondido's signature programs (Emergency Services Education [EME])  Juan Medina has a very demanding schedule. When he visits the EJA Library at Escondido Juan usually knows just what he needs (e.g. study guide, reserve textbook, etc.). While the EME Department has a collection of materials to assist students studying for certification as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT) or paramedics the library provides excellent resources to supplement EME instruction. The magazine Juan is holding (JEMS: a Journal of Emergency Services) is one such item. EJA also owns books that support the program, most of which can be checked out. The 24/7 availability of the library's electronic  resources (Learning Express tests, EBSCO ebooks, articles from databases, etc.) make them invaluable given the hectic pace of EME training. 

Added 03/30/09

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