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Program Review and Planning
for 2014-2015
at Palomar College

Purpose of Program Review and Planning: The institution assesses progress toward achieving stated goals and makes decisions regarding the improvement of institutional effectiveness in an on-going and systematic cycle of evaluation, integrated planning, resource allocation, implementation, and re-evaluation. Evaluation is based on analyses of both quantitative and qualitative data (ACCJC/WASC, Standard I, B.3.).

Click Here to Access Completed Program Review and Planning Forms

1. Click link below to access Year 2 Program Review and Planning (PRP) form. Note: Forms are locked. Information may only be entered in the gray form fields. If you make any change to the form, we cannot process it correctly.
2. Attend one of the PRP Information and Training Sessions listed below (conducted by VPI and Division Deans):
  • Wednesday, November 19 (2-3pm in MD-155C)
  • Thursday, November 20 (3:30-4:30pm in AA-140)
  • Tuesday, December 2 ((1-2pm in AA-140)
  • Wednesday, December 3 (2-3pm in MD-155C)
  • Friday, December 5 (1-2:30pm in AA-140)
3. Steps I-V on the form.
  • STEP I: Evaluation of Program and SLOAC Data, You will need to access the PRP you completed last year. The link to your PRP is included in the PRP form. You will also need to access program data and run a Comprehensive SLOAC report.
    • In the training sessions, we will provide instructions on how to navigate the data files.
    • The links to your program data files are included in the PRP form. The data will be presented in excel workbooks and worksheets. These worksheets are formatted for EXCEL 2007 or higher. If you have any questions, please contact Research and Planning at extension 2360.
    • The first time you open the excel files, you will receive a yellow security warning about macros and you need to select to enable the macros.
    • When you open each excel file, do not save to your computer. Just navigate to the desired tab (located at the bottom of the spreadsheet) and then select criteria in box in top left corner of screen. Refer to your training notes for an explanation on how to select your discipline's data.
    • The Success and Retention file is very large and will take extra time to open and to activate the first search. Subsequent searches are not delayed.
    • The link to run Comprehensive SLOAC reports is hereand in the form.
  • STEP II: Progress on Previous Year's Goals and Plans. Review the “Updated Goals and Plans” in last year's PRP (STEP III). Provide a summary of the progress being made on the Goals and Plans, resources that have been used, any new developments or concerns, and any new goals for the current year.
  • STEP III-IV: Resources Requested for 2014-15 Identify and prioritize the resources needed to support your program Goals and Plans (Step II).
  • STEP V: Contract Position Requests, Identify and prioritize all contract positions needed to support your program Goals and Plans. Include only Classified, CAST, and Administrator positions in your request. All positions identified will be prioritized by the Instructional Planning Council (IPC). Faculty positions are not included in this process.
  • 4. Due Dates for Completed Forms:
    • Friday, January 30, 2015 - Draft of discipline PRPs are due to the Division Dean for review and input.
    • Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - Completed PRPs are due.
      • Submit electronic document to Research & Planning (
      • Submit a print copy with Chair/Director and Dean signatures to Instructional Services.
    If you need help with the form or data files, please contact Research and Planning at extension 2360.
    Note, while the links to program data are included in your PRP form, for your convenience, they are also listed below:
    More Helpful Links: