Complete the following and press submit. Once you press submit, bring your I-20 form to the Office of International Education.
Please allow two (2) business days (after you bring your I-20 form) to process your request*.

*If you are leaving the country immediately, bring in a self-addressed/self-stamped envelop together with your I-20 form.
Last Name          First Name    

Request for Travel Signature

Student ID            Email
Date of Travel  
Have you changed your major (is the major typed on your I-20 different now)? yes                    no
If yes, what is your new major?
Are there any changes in your financial status (change of sponsor)?     yes                       no
Have you maintained your full-time status (enrolled/completed 12 units each semester)?    yes    no  not sure
Is your visa still valid? yes            no*
    * If your visa has expired, make sure to apply for the visa renewal before coming back to the U.S.
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