Palomar College - Learning for Success Are you Ready to apply to
Palomar College?

Please follow the step below to complete
your application package.

Step One

Have you met our English Proficiency Requirement?
Step Two

Do you have all the required application documents?
Step Three

Mail the application package by the application deadline for the term you are applying for.
Step Four - for students overseas

When you receive the acceptance letter (via email) and the I-20 form (by mail), pay the SEVIS fee
and make a visa interview appointment at
the American Embassy/Consulate in your area
Step Four - for students already in the U.S. in F-1 visa status

When you receive the acceptance letter via email, ask your advisor at the current school to release your SEVIS record to Palomar College. Your I-20 form will be issued when Palomar College receives your SEVIS record.
Step Five

Complete your admission process.
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