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Economic Impact

An investment in The Palomar College Foundation “Education for Heroes Fund” is an investment in people who have served and will continue to be a productive part of our community with the proper education and skills. The benefit can be keenly calculated from a taxpayer prospective, and the impact can be demonstrated in the reality that increased education equates to increased earning power. It is common for community college students and graduates to remain in their communities and with education comes increased spending power and that has a positive effect on many aspects of our local economy.

A recent report from the U.S. Department of
Commerce indicated that the median annual
income increases by 32% with a high school
diploma and 100% with an undergraduate degree
when compared to high school dropout income
statistics. Increased resources provide an
individual with greater independence, which frees
the government and taxpayers from the costs
associated with providing services for individuals
with limited financial resources. It is universally understood that education is directly related to improved lifestyle, which has a direct effect on the quality of life for everyone in the region.

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