Palomar College
Fire Academy
Certificate of Achievement

Training to meet the requirements mandated by the California Office of State Fire Marshal for Certified Fire Fighter 1.  Covers fire ground procedures, tactics, strategy, safety methods, fire dynamics, equipment usage and deployment, and subject material pertaining to the role of fire fighters within the fire service.

Prepares students for a career in the fire suppression/protection field. The student also receives additional certifications from the California State Fire Marshall's Office.

Last Updated: Fall 2013 Discipline: Fire Technology (FIRE)


Program requirements

EME 100 /HE 104

First Responder


EME 106

Emergency Medical Technician (Lecture)


EME 106L

Emergency Medical Technician Skills (Laboratory)


FIRE 151

Fire Fighter I Academy




Total units





Percent DE: 0.00%





Percent DE: 0.00%




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