Academy Uniform Specifications
Palomar College - Fire Academy

  1. Uniform Shirt: Lion Style 1532, dark blue, short sleeve
    (First initial and last name embroidered over right pocket. The embroidery shall be silver thread, all caps, block letters, 3/8" high, 1/4" over pocket)
  2. Uniform Pants:
    Lion Style, 130 dark blue (Male),
    Lion Style 1721, dark blue (female)
  3. Uniform Belt: Black, basket weave
  4. Uniform Tie: Samuel Brown Style 455BO, dark blue
  5. Silver Tie-Bar
  6. Uniform Boot: Black, minimum 8" high, steel toe and shank, Logger or Station style
  7. Physical Fitness: T-Shirt - 100% cotton, Navy
  8. Short - Cotton Deluxe, Navy
  9. Sweatshirt - 100% cotton, Navy
  10. Sweatpant - 100% cotton, Navy
    All required physical training gear will be purchased through Talynn Grace Apparel