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Embody the dignity of our profession by approaching with foresight and acting with authority on
academic and professional matters.


1. Develop a process for administrative retreat rights.

2. Develop a procedure for addressing a faculty memberís charge that a student has engaged in academic  

3. Finalize the accreditation report; prepare for and facilitate the accrediting commissionís site visit.

4. Request regular reports from these areas:

a. Basic Skills/Title V HSI Committee
b. Academic Technology Committee
c. Workforce and Community Development Advisory Group
d. Academic Technology Resource Center.

5. Increase faculty service on committees and councils by

a. ensuring that membership calls are sent out regularly,
b. reminding faculty of the importance of service on councils and committees, and
c. proposing a requisite number of faculty on administrative hiring committees.

6. Monitor the implementation of Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycles throughout the
    college by

a. requesting regular reports from the Curriculum Committee on the progress of SLOAC reporting
in CurricUnet, and
b. requesting regular reports from the Learning Outcomes Council on SLOACs.

Senate/Other Groups:

7. Require the college to begin immediately the implementation of the Accreditation Self‐Study
    Planning Agendas. In particular,

a. as per AB1725, ensure facultyís collegial consultation with administration on budget planning,
specifically with regard to the current budget crisis, and
b. support the 75/25 Workgroupís development of a plan to improve the ratio of credit hours
taught by full‐time faculty to the credit hours taught by part‐time faculty while also increasing
the number of full‐time faculty.

8. Participate in the review and revision of the collegeís Policies and Procedures.

9. Establish guidelines related to the academic and professional elements of online courses and
    instruction, including

a. faculty workload,
b. faculty performance standards,
c. student evaluations, and
d. student access.