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The Senate has established these committees/councils and positions to advise it.

Click on any listed below to see its role and responsibility. Click on Chair/Coordinator(s) name to contact via email.

Academic Standards & Practices Committee Pam McDonough, Chair
Academic Technology Committee Lillian Payn, Coordinator
Basic Skills Committee/Title 5 HSI Steering Committee Lawrence Lawson, Cynthia Anfinson, Coordinators
Committee on Committees Travis Ritt, Chair
Committee on Service Learning Kathleen Grove, Coordinator
Curriculum Committee Jenny Fererro, Co-Chair
Distinguished Faculty Award Committee Pete Ordille, Chair
Elections Committee Richard Albistegui-Dubois, Chair
Equivalency Committee Fari Towfiq, Chair
Faculty Advisory Board on Student Success Task Force Recommendations Glyn Bongolan, Co-Chair
Greg Larson, Co-Chair

Faculty Service Area Review Committee Greg Larson, Chair
Learning Outcomes Council Katy French, Marty Furch, Wendy Nelson, Coordinators
Oversight Committee/Grant Funded Projects Teresa Laughlin, Chair
Personnel Standards & Practices Committee Teresa Laughlin, Chair
Professional Development Review Board Leanne Maunu, Chair
Professional Procedures Committee Pam McDonough, Chair
Tenure & Evaluations Review Board Barb Kelber, Chair
Tutoring Committee Erin Feld, Chair
Workforce & Community Development  

For other governance committees click here; for other operational committees click here.