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Faculty Senate committees

  1. Academic Technology
  2. Academic Standards and Practices
  3. Committee on Committees
  4. Elections
  5. Equivalency
  6. Faculty Service Area Review
  7. Personnel Standards and Practices
  8. Professional Procedures

Academic Technology

This committee will coordinate faculty interests in all areas of academic technology. This committee will advise the Senate on relevant technology matters.
1. discuss issues on technology related to student equity (access).
2. coordinate with faculty on technology governance committees.
3. coordinate with curriculum committee on distance learning courses.
4. discuss pedagogical issues relating to on-line courses and changes in technology.
5. discuss issues of training for on-line instructors.
advocate for faculty concerns regarding technology.

Academic Standards and Practices  

This committee is concerned with all aspects of academic standards and practices and related issues assigned to the committee by the Senate.

The purpose of this committee is to annually review academic standards and practices in relation to scholarship, standards for probation, retention, disqualification, reinstatement and academic freedom, and recommend changes in existing policies and standards to the Senate.

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Committee on Committees

The Committee on Committees shall be composed of five Senators, appointed by the Senate President with the approval of the Senate, and shall nominate faculty members of all college committees with the approval of the Senate.

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The Senate Elections Committee will poll faculty when directed by either the Senate or the Faculty.  The Senate Elections Committee shall also conduct all elections of Faculty officers or Senate members as well as members of other elected committees (such as TERB).

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It is the responsibility of the Equivalency Committee to review equivalencies to minimum qualifications for both contract and adjunct faculty and to make recommendations to the Governing Board.  The Equivalency committee is composed of five faculty members, one from each of the Instructional Divisions.  Representatives will be appointed by the Senate.

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Faculty Service Area Review

This committee is composed of an administrator with FSA responsibility and from five to seven Probationary or Tenured Faculty members appointed by the Senate. This committee reviews applications for additional faculty service areas and issues of competence for reassignment purposes.

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Personnel Standards and Practices

This committee is concerned with all aspects of personnel standards and practices as these affect academic faculty, and with related issues assigned to it by the Senate.  It has the duty of recommending to the Faculty Senate one or more individuals for administrative positions when vacancies occur or when new positions are created, in accordance with the selection procedure to be found in the Faculty Manual and in the Board Policy Manual.

The committee reviews personnel structure annually.  The review includes (1) recommendations for renewal or revision of the President's contract; and (2) recommendations regarding changes in academic faculty positions or contracts, or changes in classification(s) and/or assignments.  This committee will conduct annual evaluations by the Faculty of the following positions: Superintendent/President, Vice President for Instruction, Vice President for Student Services, Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services, and all Deans.

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Professional Procedures

The Professional Procedures Committee (PPC) is a committee of the Senate.  The committee addresses, reviews and makes recommendations to the Senate on the following:

 A.      Academic Due Process policy and procedures.

B.       Alleged violations of the Ethic Codes by a Senator or a faculty member in his/her capacity as a Senator or as a faculty member appointed by the Senate to a reassigned faculty position.  (Section 9 of the Constitution)

C.      Petitions submitted by 25% of the Faculty Senate membership.  (Section 11 of the Constitution)

D.      Other issues regarding professional procedures as assigned by the Senate.

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Revised: October 24, 2013 .