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Requesting Keys

As an important part of Palomar College, the key policy provides legitimate building access for college personnel, establishes issuing authority and accountability for keys, helps ensure privacy, and contributes to the protection of persons and property.  The Facilities Office is charged with the responsibility for maintaining the integrity of the College’s key system.  A detailed database of all keys issued is maintained.

When authorized by a Department Chairperson/Director and the appropriate Dean or Vice-President, individual room keys (restricted classrooms and offices) will be issued to the following employee classifications by submitting a Key Request Form to the Facilities Office:

·       Executive Administrator

·       Part-Time Faculty

·       Permanent Classified

·       Permanent Faculty

·       Temporary Employees (formerly known as Short-Term Employees)

All Key Request Forms for the Escondido Center must be generated by that campus and the form can only be signed by the Director, Extended Education and the Dean or Vice-President for that division.  Any key request forms submitted by the San Marcos Campus to the Facilities Office will be forwarded to the Escondido Center for approval/signatures.  As you can imagine, this will delay the processing of the key request for the individual requiring keys.

Key requests are typically filled in 2-3 business days; please allow enough time to pass before checking on the status of your order.  Keys are issued to College buildings for the purpose of conducting College business only.  Each key is coded with a unique number that can be traced through our detailed database to the person to whom it was issued.  As an added security measure, there are no markings on the key to indicate which space it will open.

The Facilities Department/Building Services Locksmith and/or his/her designee are the only person(s) allowed to cut and issue keys for college buildings.

No employees, under any circumstances, will be issued multiple keys for the same area.

All lock and key problems should be called into the Facilities Office at extension 2629, Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  After these hours and on weekends as well as holidays, please contact Campus Police at extension 2289 or 760/891-7273.



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