Mission and Vision Statement




EOP&S, with sensitivity and responsiveness to emergency needs, provides a variety of innovative and traditional support services to eligible EOP&S students leading to positive and measurable educational outcomes.  


EOP&S students are generally characterized as full time, low income, and educationally disadvantaged who possess the potential of achieving a Palomar College certificate, Associate of Arts degree, and/or four year college transfer readiness despite one or more additional challenges inherent with EOP&S populations. These additional risk factors include first generation college students, re-entry students, students with disabilities, students whose first language is other than English, ethnic minorities, and/or students who have not experienced significant success in their educational history.


Palomar College EOP&S identifies, recruits, supports and educates matriculating, non-traditional students who come to the college environment educationally under-prepared and who may not achieve their fullest academic potential without EOP&S intervention.



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