Continuing Student CARE Orientation

Step 1: Please READ


1. I must maintain my eligibility as an EOPS student and meet all the requirements stated in the EOPS Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC), including completing the EOPS Continuing student orientation every semester.

2. The first of the three EOPS/CARE contacts must be with the CARE counselor.

3. I will follow my EOPS/CARE educational plan.

4. I understand that I will be required to provide annual verification on continued TANF/CalWORKs eligibility.

5. I understand that I am only eligible for CARE as long as I receive TANF/CalWORKs benefits. I will notify EOPS/CARE staff of any break or change in my TANF/CalWORKs benefits. 

6. I will complete a continuing CARE student on-line orientation every semester.

7. I will complete a FAFSA application each academic year.

8. I understand that CARE benefits such as the educational grant, academic supplies and gas cards may vary each semester based upon funding, enrolled units and financial need.

9. I understand that all services including the grant are to be used for educational purposes.

10. Failure to fulfill provisions listed above will result in being disqualified from the CARE program. You have the right to petition decisions regarding eligibility by following petition procedures.



Step 2:

Click here for  orientation questionnaire

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