Anyone who's read my comics section on this website can figure out that one of my favorite comics of all time is Alan Moore's Swamp Thing, and this month's issue is #34 of that series.  The cover features John Totleben's gorgeous painting of Swamp Thing and his love, Abby, and at the time of this issue's release--circa 1985--painted covers were a rarity in the mainstream.  In fact, the last time a comic had had such an artsy design might have been back in the days of Classics Illustrated.  This cover was a vision of things to come:  Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, Art Spiegelman's Maus, and Moore's own Watchmen would soon appear and elevate the regard with which comics were held.  Are comics art?  Just take one look at the cover of Swamp Thing #34 and you tell me.