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Request a Class Visit

Please complete this form in order to have a Writing Center tutor visit your class. The tutor will explain the services and benefits of using the Writing Center. The visit should take between 10 and 15 minutes. We will contact you via email to confirm that we have received your Invitation Form and to set a date and time for the visit to your class. Note: This service is only available during our open hours.

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Two dates that would be ideal for my class visit are:
(Please provide at least one week's notice for scheduling)
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Request particular help for particular students.

Print out this form, fill it out, and send it with the student to his or her appointment.  The Writing Center tutor will complete a brief report (the bottom part of the form) to be returned to you.

Send us your writing prompts and guidelines.

Please send us any materials – handouts, model papers, links to specific online information – that will help tutors work with your students, especially those who may forget to bring their handouts and other recommended materials.

English Department Computer Classroom

Room H-104 is the English Department Computer Classroom, where a limited number of English classes may be scheduled to meet one hour per week.  If you are an English faculty member and would like a copy of the current schedule for H-104, please email John Goldsworthy and put “Current Lab Schedule” in the subject line.


Some Online Resources for Faculty.

Other Questions, Suggestions or Feedback

Please email the Writing Center Director with any questions, suggestions or feedback yo may have.  We are interested in serving your students as well as possible.