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Research Tools

The Palomar College Library

Take advantage of our library's databases and search capabilities.


A powerful search engine.

Information Please

The online site of the Information Please Almanac; just type in a question or topic and let this site do the work for you.

Usenet FAQ Archive

Have a question about something?  Check out this site, which is a huge archive of "Frequently Asked Questions" about loads of topics.

Writing Resources

The Indispensable Writing Resources Page

A great site that collects resources--both on- and off-line--for writing papers of all kinds.

The Modern Language Association

The official site of the Modern Language Association.  Perhaps its biggest bonus for students is that it explains how to put research materials into that pesky MLA format.

    Purdue Online Writing Lab

   This is a great online resource for writers regardless of skill level or writing project.


Jane Austen Info Page

Everything you wanted to know about British novelist Jane Austen, including some hypertext versions of her work.


A cool website for finding out more about your favorite books, authors, publishers, and literary happenings.

British Poetry 1780 - 1910

A hypertext archive of some of the great works by Romantic writers.

Dickens House Museum

A must-see for all fans and students of Dickens.

The Victorian Women Writer's Project

Housed at Indiana University, the Victorian Women Writer's Project's goal is "to produce highly accurate transcriptions of works by British women writers of the 19th century" in an electronic format.  Their list of available works increases daily.  There's also a good list of links that includes, among other destinations, sites containing other electronic texts.

The Voice of the Shuttle

THE website for humanities research, bar none.   Created by Alan Liu, this site contains a seemingly exhaustive collection of links (which, by the way, grows weekly) on all areas of the humanities:  literature, history, film, music, women's studies, architecture, cyberculture, etc.  It is also extremely well-organized and easy to navigate.



The American Film Institute

Say what you want about the AFI 100 (their list of the 100 greatest American films of all time), but their website is pretty spectacular.  Not only does it feature transcripts of interviews with some great directors, it also boasts "Cinemedia," the largest list of links to film and media sites around.

The Internet Movie Database

The best, most comprehensive film database available.  It's a vital source for all sorts of information about your favorite films, actors, directors, screenwriters, etc.


The best online shopping source for movies.  Their rates are consistently lower than other sites and they offer, if it's available, a letterboxed version of whatever film you're looking for.  Unfortunately, they're based in California, so if you're ordering from in-state, you have to pay sales tax.

The Best of the Web - Movies

A great resource for researching films on the Internet.



Job Hunt

Looking for a job?  Then check out this site and its comprehensive and up-to-date collection of job resources, including classified ads from around the country and a long list of links broken down by occupation field.


Like "Job Hunt," Monster.com is a great place to begin a job search.  On this site you can conduct a search by location or specialty, post your resume on-line, and even chat with other job-seekers or would-be employers.

Linked In

Linked in is designed to allow professionals network with their peers in order to aquire job leads and possible employment in their field.  This iste can work for those jsut entering the workforce also.  This type of interaction between businesses and those seeking career positions is often the desired method of introduction over the resume.



AJR Newslink

Sponsored by the American Journalism Review, this site links to a multitude of news sources from around the world, ranging from alternative to conservative and all points in between.


The Home Page for the Cable News Network, which contains up-to-the-minute information from around the world.


Need to Buy Books?


This online bookstore claims to be the world's largest, and judging from its inventory, it probably is.  They offer discounts on just about every title in stock, so you might be able to save some money by getting your books here.

Barnes and Noble

The website and online version of the popular bookstore chain boasts a huge inventory and fast service.  Try them out for an alternative means of getting your books.

Powell's Bookstore

This is the homepage for a HUGE new & used bookstore located in Portland, Oregon.   You can shop online from them and, since their main business is in used books, find loads of great deals..  Check them out to see how much money you can save on your course books.