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Faculty and Staff Directory
Full Time Faculty
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"H" offices are in the H Building; "MD" offices are in the MD Building.

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To call faculty members, first dial (760) 744-1150 and then the extension listed below
Instructor Office Extension E-mail Address
Dr. Jennifer Backman H-301P 2397 jbackman@palomar.edu
Dr. Andrea Bell H-301H 2400 abell@palomar.edu
Dr. Abbie Cory MD-366 3637 acory@palomar.edu
Dr. Brent Gowen  H-302O 2399 bgowen@palomar.edu
Dr. Richard Hishmeh H-302K 3638 rhishmeh@palomar.edu
Dr. Martin Japtok MD-353 3994 mjaptok@palomar.edu
Dr. Rafiki "Jerry" Jenkins MD-362 2287 jjenkins@palomar.edu
Dr. Kevin Kearney H-301E 2379 kkearney@palomar.edu
Dr. Barbara Neault Kelber H-301L 2402 bkelber@palomar.edu
Dr. Katie Kelp-Stebbins H-301O 2342 kkelpstebbins@palomar.edu
Dr. Leanne Maunu H-301N 2288 lmaunu@palomar.edu
Pam McDonough H-301P 2700 pmcdonough@palomar.edu
Dr. Adam Meehan H-302N 2723 ameehan@palomar.edu
Dr. Fergal O'Doherty H-301I 2970 fodoherty@palomar.edu
Dr. Deborah Paes de Barros H-301M 2835 dpdbarros@palomar.edu
Dr. Jon Panish H-302H 5551 jpanish@palomar.edu
Dr. Clare Rolens H-302L 2710 crolens@palomar.edu
Dr. Carlton Smith H-301G 2196 carltonsmith@yahoo.com
Dr. Craig Thompson
Writing Center Director
H-302J 3330 cthompson@palomar.edu

Dr. Rocco Versaci
Department Chair

H-301F 2971 rversaci@palomar.edu
Sue Zolliker
H-102C 2562 szolliker@palomar.edu


Instructor Extension E-mail Address
Jenna Alzona 2392 jalzona@palomar.edu
Calin Anderson 2392 canderson1@palomar.edu
Robin Avner 2392 ravner@palomar.edu
Jodi Baker 2392 jbaker3@palomar.edu
Richard Carr Jr. 2392 rcarrjr@palomar.edu
Lori Miller-Bale 2392 lmillerbale@palomar.edu
Will Burke 2392 wburke@palomar.edu
Sarah Burns 2392 sburns@palomar.edu
Larry Checkett 2392 hchekett@palomar.edu
Michelle Dalrymple 2392 mdalrymple@palomar.edu
Donna Fazio Di Benedetto 2392 DFaziodibenedetto@palomar.edu
Gayle Feng 2392 hfeng@palomar.edu
Cynthia Fillmore 2392 cfillmore@palomar.edu
Jeff Gagnon 2392 jgagnon@palomar.edu
Matthew Griffing 2392 mgriffing@palomar.edu
Sonia Gutierrez 5043 sgutierrez@palomar.edu
Melanie James 2392 mjames@palomar.edu
Opal Johnson 2392 ojohnsoncentral@aol.com
Carrie Packard 5485 cpackard@palomar.edu
Richard Hannon 5523 rhannon@palomar.edu
Kyle Hetrick 2392 khetrick@palomar.edu
Opal Johnson 5106 ojohnson@palomar.edu
Benedict Jones 2392 bjones@palomar.edu
Samantha Lamph 2392 slamph@palomar.edu
Mary Mariano 2392 mariano@palomar.edu
Bryan McCulley 2392 bmcculleymendoza@palomar.edu
John McGuinness 5051 jmcguinness@palomar.edu
Lauren Mecucci 2392 lmecucci@palomar.edu
Nicole Meehan 2392 nmeehan@palomar.edu
Elaine Minamide 5231 eminamide@palomar.edu
Blain Mogil 2392 bmogil@palomar.edu
Raymond Morris 5041 rmorris@palomar.edu
Kathleen Nelson 5077 kmnelson@palomar.edu
Carrie Packard 5485 cpackard@palomar.edu
Chris Pedler 2392 jpedler@palomar.edu
Donna Potratz 5527 Dpotratz@palomar.edu
Mary Pronovost 5113 MPronovost@palomar.edu
Ronald Reed 2392 rreed@palomar.edu
Brandon Reynolds 2392 breynolds@palomar.edu
Monica Rodriguez 2392 mrodriguez1@palomar.edu
Ronald Smith 2392 rsmith@swc.cc.ca.us
Glenda Snell 5116 GSnell@palomar.edu
Elizabeth Suarez 2392 esuarez@palomar.edu
Jorge Villalobos 2392 jvillalobos@palomar.edu
Steve Waszak 2392 swaszak@palomar.edu
Sean Wilkinson 2392 swilkinson1@palomar.edu
Natalie Wilson 2392 nwilson@palomar.edu
Syndee Wood 2392 swood@palomar.edu
Kim Wolfe 5122 KWolfe@palomar.edu