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Becoming an English major?

Meeting other English majors? 

Learning about what kinds of literature classes Palomar and other schools offer? 

Finding out what in the world you can do with an English major after you graduate? 

Discovering if teaching might be the right career for you? 

Attending plays, films, and other cultural events with like-minded people? 

If so, then we invite you to come meet other English majors and some of Palomar's English faculty as part of our English Majors Group!  The group meets monthly during the regular semester.  For more information, please contact Dr. Leanne Maunu at extension 2288 or via email at  In the meantime, check out these useful links:


Useful Websites for Palomar College’s English Majors


California’s website for information about transfer and articulation requirements between two-year colleges and four-year universities

Occupational Outlook Handbook

This is an excellent government site (run by the Bureau of Labor Statistics) that allows users to look up various job titles and find out job descriptions, salaries, job outlook, etc.

Websites that list career choices for English majors

University of North Carolina at Wilmington’s website

Rutgers University’s list of career choices

University of Texas at Austins website

Kansas State University’s website – includes skills that English majors learn

Albion College’s website

Portland State University’s website

Mississippi State’s list of famous English majors

Information about graduate school

Marquette University’s website

Information from the Survey on Doctoral Education about receiving a PhD in English -- listing of graduate programs that offer MA and PhD degrees’s guide to graduate studies in the humanities


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