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Bravura's Gala Event

  The Gala Event

Presidents Welcome:
	Robert Deegan, President of Palomar College

Opening Remarks:
	Dr. Carlton Smith and Dr. Rocco Versaci, Faculty Co-Advisors

Bravura Voices:
	A selection of works read by the Bravura Editorial Staff
	Karen Wooton, The Mask Maker
	Jack Mawhinney, Demon in the Hole
	Nolan Turner, On Jupiter the Skies Are Always Blue
	Kevin Colpean, Dissect the Weather
	Tanya Duer, Our Path
	Timmy Trevaskis, Loneliness
	Tiffany Hauswirth, The Tree House
	Brittney Steele, Holy and So Were our Souls
	Jason Schenheit, A Pretty City in the Dark
	Bill Bailey, Bad Ass
	Mat Rakers, A Brief History of Sonata Form
	Jeffrey Clarke, One Fish, Two Fish….No Fish
	Karina Grifka, A New Dress (Editors’ Choice, Fiction)
	Emit Levart, Shadows and Light (Editors’ Choice, Poetry)

Presentation of Awards:
	Dr. Carlton Smith and Dr. Rocco Versaci
	3rd Place: Joe Djordjevski, Three on a Match
	2nd Place: Melissa Ellenor, Normal
	1st Place: Jon Aretakis, Vacation in Moonville
	3rd Place: T.C Cook, Belt
	2nd Place: Matt Schnarr, Winter’s Passerby
	1st Place: Linda Roux, Within His Lifetime (Angelo Carli Poetry Prize Recipient)
	Visual Arts
	3rd: Nick England/Philip Lorey, The Lamp
	2nd: Mari Ortiz, Lady in Red
	1st: Tahnee Gehm, Skull

Closing Remarks