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Online and Hybrid Classes
Currently the Economics and History programs offer both online and hybrid internet courses. 


What is a "Hybrid" Course?

A hybrid course is simply a course that meets at least 50% "live" in a campus classroom and up to 50% online for the hours required each week of the college term.

Benefits of a Hybrid Course
There are several advantages to a hybrid course:

  • Gradual introduction to online courses  For those students who want a gradual introduction to online education and courses, the hybrid format provides an introduction to the technology of online courses with a weekly "live" presence of your instructor.

Online History Classes

Click here for information on Professor Arguello's online and hybrid history sections for History of the Americas and History of Latin America.

Information on internet based classes can be found here at the very helpful web site for the Academic Technology group at Palomar College.  Students who wish to learn more about the use of technology in education are strongly advised to review the Academic Technology web site.





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