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The discipline that studies the chronological record of events (as affecting a nation or people), based on a critical examination of source materials and usually presenting an explanation of their causes.

Open Classes - Fall 2014
Class Subject Units Days Begin End Instructor Start End Location
71291 HIST 101 3 MW 6:00 8:50 PM LIMBERG 10/20/14 12/17/14 CPPEN-N
71691 HIST 101 3 TTH 6:00 8:50 PM VELOSO 10/14/14 12/16/14 ESC-706
71290 HIST 102 3 MW 6:00 8:50 PM BAGNALL 8/18/14 10/13/14 CPPEN-M
  Michael Arguello Chris Johnson
  Daniella Ashburn Wendy Kinsinger
  Joseph Bagnall Melinda Cole Klein
  Robert Bond Kenneth McMullen
  Matthew Estes Gregory Marshall
  Karl Golemo Travis Ritt
  Bill Jahnel Elaine Tagliaferri
  A Tribute to Dr. Suzanna Grenz
  Yvonne Anderson Emeritus
  Linda Dudik Emeritus
  John D. Tanner, Jr. Emeritus