Palomar College's Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award

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Top of FoIs there a faculty member that has made a difference in your life?  Do you know of an outstanding faculty member whose work consistently exceeds your expectations and you feel motivates and inspires the best in all of us?

Each year, Palomar College is honored to recognize one deserving full-time and one deserving part-time Faculty member whose integrity, enthusiasm, knowledge, creativity, and dedication illuminates the very best of teaching at Palomar College.  The award may be received only once during a Professor’s lifetime of teaching.  Candidates who accept their nominations submit materials related to their teaching and are evaluated in their classrooms. Distinguished Faculty Award Committee members interview finalists and select the honorees.  The most outstanding and exceptional candidates will be recognized as this year's recipient of the Distinguished Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Honorees receive a plaque, are recognized at faculty orientation, receive a $1000 honorarium, and get a designated parking space for the following school year. The full-time faculty honoree will also be the speaker at commencement the following year.  Any member of the campus community may nominate an individual faculty member.          


Nominations must be made on or before Monday, February 2, 2015.

Any questions about the award may be directed to

The nominator’s names remains anonymous but nominator’s comments may be quoted in part or in their entirety when recognizing the finalists.


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