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Student Success Tips
In this section, you will find information about the different Counseling classes offered, differences between high school and college, and study tips.

College Readiness
One of the biggest mistakes that students make is treating college as if they were high school.  Part of student success includes understanding some of the Differences Between High School and College

High School College
  • 180 hours of instruction
  • Little or no time studying outside of class
  • Constant homework
  • Teacher Directed
  • 48 hours of instruction
  • Study 10-24 hours outside of class
  • Little or no homework
  • Student Directed

Counseling Classes 
The Counseling Department offers 9 different coursed in counseling from College Success Skills to Basic Counseling skills.  Read more about the classes Counseling has to offer.


Student Success
Below are some of the items covered in our Counseling courses.


Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):
Have questions about student learning outcomes (SLOs)?   Click on the link below for some common questions (with answers) about learning outcomes.

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