Your next step is to identify at least three skill categories relevant to the job you are seeking.


Objective: Bank Teller

Skill Categories
  • Customer Service
  • Cash Handling
  • Computer Skills
Objective: Office Manager

Skill Categories
  • Administration
  • Interpersonal
  • Technical
Objective: Reporter

Skill Categories
  • News Analysis
  • News Gathering
  • Writing
Writing Action Statements

Yana Parker, author of Ready to Go Resumes, calls action statements, "juicy one liners." Here are steps you can take to help you write your juicy one liners.
  • Make a list of at least three skill categories related to your job objective.
  • For each category list accomplishments from your work history to illustrate that skill.
  • Each accomplishment should be a one-liner describing what you did.
  • The one liner typically starts with an action word such as "Researched" or "Presented" and describes what you did. Be sure to mention specific results whenever possible.


Managed all accounts receivable, accounts payable and medical billings.
Produced monthly financial analysis to confirm balanced accounts.
Prepared journal entries for several income and expense accounts.

Assisted in inventory control and priced merchandise at Costco.
Cashiered at Jorgenson's, computing and handling large sums of money.

Created a positive learning environment, as camp counselor for children ages 5-12.
Coordinated "Career Exploration Day," a program for low-income elementary school children.

Served as vendor representative for Avon Products.
Handled face-to-face contacts with new and established customers.
Organized merchandise for effective presentation in a 20-page giftware catalog


A skill is any identifiable ability or fact that employers value and will pay for.

Skills are more then industry-specific abilities. The notion of skills has expanded to include personal characteristics, special knowledge, and achievements.


Work history means ANY WORK you've done - paid, volunteer, parenting or hobbies - that documents the skills and knowledge you need to show for your desired new job.

Laura's Example

Laura's objective is to obtain a position as a bank teller. She identified three skill categories related to the job she desires, Cash Handling, Customer Service and Clerical. Laura developed action statements to illustrate her skills in each category.

Notice the use of action words such as operated, balanced, and provided.

Cash Handling
  • Operated computer scanning cash register to compute and record sales.
  • Balanced cash drawer with consistently high level of accuracy during five years as Head Cashier.
  • Prepared daily and monthly sales reports.
  • Consistently demonstrated telephone and organizational skills.
  • Operated adding, calculating, computerized equipment and other office machines.
  • Skilled in Microsoft Word and Excel on IBM compatible system.
Customer Service
  • Enjoy working with people and always greet customers with a smile.
  • Provided prompt, courteous and personalized service to customers as hostess/cashier.
  • Handled emotional customers with delicacy, listening empathetically while maintaining store policy.