After you have identified the skills needed for the job you are seeking, you will need to make a list of your strongest skills that make you a good candidate for the job.

You can do this by writing a Summary of Qualifications, which is usually placed at the top of your resume. It is an inventory of your most important assets. Each item is capitalized and ends with a period.

Summary of Qualifications

A good summary could include:
  • Number of years or months of experience in the field.
  • Your education, training or certification in the field.
  • Your special knowledge related to this job.
  • Something about your personal work style or attitude toward the job which would look good for an employer.
  • An accomplishment or recognition related to the job

Let's use an example. Laura is applying for a position as a bank teller. Laura did her research by using the OOH. She has written down five key skills relevant to the job of bank teller

  1. I am able to speak Spanish and English.
  2. I have many years work experience as a cashier (handling large amounts of money and making financial transactions).
  3. I know how to use the computer and various software applications. I have completed an ROP Bank Teller training program.
  4. I am a good worker and enjoy helping people
Laura now has to rewrite each skill area into short, clear phrases for her resume. This usually takes some time to change sentences that begin with "I" into polished bulleted action statements. Here is her finished product.
Summary of Qualifications
  • Fluent in English and Spanish.
  • Ten years cash handling work experience. Proficient in using Word, Access, and Excel.
  • Completed 450 hour Bank Teller training program.
  • Dependable and customer-focused; can be counted on to get the job done.