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What is EAP?

Palomar College Early Acceptance Program (EAP) is an event designed to assist incoming high school graduates in assessment, orientation, and registration of classes at Palomar College.  We are very excited about our EAP Program!  All members of the class of 2013 are invited to be part of this special program.   If you are not graduating from high school this year, you can not participate in the EAP program.  Please refer to the "Steps to Enroll" page on the Counseling Department website for assistance.

There are 5 steps to participating in EAP:

  1. Complete the Assessment

    • Test at your high school.   Please check with the high school counseling office to see if we will be coming to your school. If so, make your assessment appointment at your high school.
    • Come to Palomar as a group with your high school.  Several schools are coming to the Palomar campus in Escondido or San Marcos to take our assessment.  Check with  your high school Counseling Office to see if your high school will be coming as a group.
    • Make an appointment to come to Palomar College, San Marcos or Escondido campus, during February or March for a special EAP testing session.  Please call (760) 744-1150 ext. 2182, 2476 or 2383 to make an appointment.
    • Schedule an assessment appointment in April at the Palomar campus in San Marcos or Escondido to take our assessment.  Our April schedule will be posted mid March.  We will have 9-10 testing sessions per week in San Marcos; 3-4 at Escondido.  Go online to and click on Assessment in the “Quick Links.”  When attending a session, inform the proctor that you are a 2013 graduating senior.
  2. View the Online Orientation
    Go to the Assessment web page, then click on "Orientation" to view the 20 minute online orientation.  You will need to read and answer the questions correctly before moving on to the next section.

  3. Complete the Matriculation Data Form
    Once you have completed the orientation, log into eServices, click on "Student Center" and complete the "Matriculation Data Form" located on the right.

  4. Attend a Counseling Session
    Details on how to make an appointment is on the Reservation/Appointment information page.

    EAP SATURDAY counseling sessions are available on the following dates & times: 
    March 16
    April 6, 20, 27
    4, 11, 18

  5. Register for classes beginning July 2nd
    Check eServices to see what time to register on July 2.  Use eServices to register for classes.  You do not need to come to campus to register for classes.  You can register from home or from a local library!

If you have any problems please call (760) 744-1150 ext. 2182


Palomar College EAP Team

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Last updated: 2/28/2013