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Job searching is a task that does not have a quick answer, can take days, and even weeks.
In job searching use any and all networking connections you have, as well as talk to your friends and other family members. 

Please read below for other job searching ideas

On Campus Jobs:

· Visit the Human Resources (HR) Web site

· Visit the Student Affairs Job Board

· Visit a Campus Department to inquire if they have available job openings

  For example: Cashiers Office, Child Development Center, Dining Services (cafeteria), ESL Dept., Follett Book Store,
  Math Dept., Tutoring Center, Wellness Center etc….

· Federal Work Study Jobs:  If you are receiving Financial Aid, you may qualify for Federal Work Study. If eligible,
  a list of all job openings on campus is available on the Financial Aid Job Listings Bulletin. To learn more, speak to
  a Financial Aid employee in the Admissions Office.


Off Campus Jobs: 

· Visit the Career Center, our staff will assist you with information on available job openings. Employment
   announcements are advertised every month in our Job Binders.

· Click on one of the web sites listed below.


Internships:  (Click Here)

Job Search Resources

Job Search Engines

     National General Employment Job Boards

    · CareerBuilder (
    · Indeed (
    · Monster (
    · LinkedIn (
    · Simply Hired (

    State, Regional, and Local General Employment Job Boards

    · CalJOBS (
    · San Diego Craigslist (
    · Union Tribune employment ads (
    · North County Times Classifieds (

    State, Regional, and Local Government Job Boards

    · State of California jobs (
    · San Diego County jobs (
    · SANDAG jobs (
    · City jobs: Enter the term “city of [insert city name] jobs” in your favorite search engine
      (example: “city of San Marcos jobs” will lead you to employment opportunities for the City of San Marcos)

    School/College/University Job Boards

    · Ed-Join, K-12 employment opportunities in California (
    · California Community Colleges Registry (
    · HigherEdJobs, nationwide employment opportunities in higher education (
    · Southern California HERC, higher education jobs in southern California (
    · Jobs at specific schools, colleges, or universities:
      Enter the name of the school/college/university plus the word “jobs” into your favorite search engine (example – Palomar College jobs)

    Niche/Industry-Specific Job Boards

    · Best way to find niche job boards:
      Use your favorite search engine to search for jobs in the field of your interest (example – human resources jobs)
    · Examples: (for nursing careers) (for information technology careers) (job board for U.S. military veterans)

    Employer’s Websites

    · Usually contain the most current and detailed information about employment opportunities and the hiring process, including contact information for human resources and required application materials
    · Best way to find employer’s websites: Use your favorite search engine to search for employers of your interest (example – Disneyland jobs)

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