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Employment Information
  • For ON-CAMPUS Jobs =   You can visit the various departments on campus and ask them if they have any job openings.  Visit the following; (1)  Bookstore, (2) Cafeteria, (3)  ESL Department, (4) Wellness Center, (5) Child Development Center, (6) Library, (7) Warehouse, (8) Science Department, (9) Assessment Center, (10) Counseling Department, and any other department on campus.  Ask to speak to the manager when you go there.
  • For OFF-CAMPUS Jobs =  The Career Center maintains a Job Binder that students can review to see open job listings. These job listings are from local companies.  Please check with the Career Center staff to use the Job Binder.
  • Job Searching information.  Click on it for more web sites and resources.
  • Career Center Job Binders
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Career Counseling
  • Career counseling is available by appointment and is available to help students evaluate their interests, talents, and personality to develop academic and career goals.
  • New, continuing and prospective students can make an appointment with the Career Center Director by calling the Career Center in San Marcos at (760) 744-1150 x2194 or x3125.
  • Career Counseling and limited Career Services are offered at the Escondido as well.  Call (760) 744-1150 x8157 to make an appointment.
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Career Assessments

The Career Center has a variety of computerized career assessment "tests" for you to use. The computerized tests are free of charge.

1.  One is Please Understand Me
2.  One is Eureka MicroSort
3.  One is Eureka True Colors
4.  One is Choices using Interest Profiler

Additionally, if you were to take the COUN-165 (Career Search Class), a one unit class, you would also take both the MBTI and the STRONG assessment.  Please come by or call the career center for more information.

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Career Search (Coun 165)
Career & Life Planning (Coun 115)

San Marcos

The Counseling Department offers short term classes (four class meetings) to help you select an academic major and a career goal. Classes are offered throughout the year.


Counseling classes are offered at the Escondido Center once each semester (fall and spring).
More Information on Counseling 165...

More Information on Counseling 115...
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