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Prior Testing
Students with prior assessment:

Students who have taken an assessment test within the last two (2) years can use previous assessment scores.

Students who have completed assessment at another college (within the past two years) will need to bring in or fax their test scores to our Student Access/Assessment Center, (760) 591-0482. We will make the student eligible for the same level classes at Palomar.
Students who have completed English or math at other colleges:

If you have completed English or math courses at another college, eligibility may be determined by your transcripts.  We will need to see a copy of your grade report or transcript. AP scores of 3, 4 or 5 in English and/or math will also establish eligibility in those subjects. Unofficial copies of scores are sufficient for placement. Completed coursework does not expire.

If you are enrolled in a math or English course at another institution and you wish to continue the math or English at Palomar College, you will need to fax or email Assessment a letter from the instructor stating the student name, Palomar ID number, College name, College course and a statement that you are passing the class with a C or better.

Transcripts sent to Palomar College records are not automatically processed for eligibility.  Documentation of test scores or transcripts must be presented to the Assessment Center or the Counseling Center before registration in any course. You may fax the documentation to (760) 591-0482 or bring in a copy of the scores to the Assessment Center prior to your registration date. You may need to attend an orientation.

Partial Assessment:

New students need to take the entire assessment (English, math and reading) unless they have tested (within two years) or completed coursework in English or math at another institution. Documentation of test scores and/or coursework must be presented at the time of sign-up. High school students may take a partial assessment. Contact the Student Access/Assessment Center for an appointment.

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