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Counseling Appointments
Academic Counseling
Academic counseling is just one of the services provided.  Academic counseling includes the following:
  • Educational planning (planning which courses to take)
    You are encouraged to speak with counselors regarding any academic planning issues which may arise during your time at Palomar College.  Counselors can assist you with creating a semester by semester educational plan for which courses to complete to achieve your goals.

  • Deciding on your program/major
    Deciding on a program/major can be confusing and frustrating.  You may feel pressure to immediately decide on a major in order to know what path to take.  Nevertheless, deciding on a college major is a process that often takes time.  Getting to know yourself and your options is the first step in choosing a college major.  Counselors can assist you through the process.

  • Career exploration
    Counselors offer guidance to those students who are uncertain of their career path.  You are encouraged to explore career possibilities through the guidance of counselors, use of research materials, and completion of career assessment inventories.

  • Transfer planning for UC, CSU,  Private and Out-of-State
    You will learn how to successfully transfer to a university.  You will receive assistance in researching and choosing the right university based on your individual needs.

  • Identifying additional support services and resources
    Palomar offers resources for your success and your support.  Counselors can refer you to the appropriate resource to assist you in your learning such as tutoring, first-year experience programs, or even financial aid.

To make an appointment with a General Counselor, call (760) 891-7511.  For more information about how to be prepared for you appointment, go to the Counseling Appointments web page.
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