Majors and Certificates
Programs of study listed by discipline. 
See Salary Surfer for earnings of graduates who completed an Associate degree or certificate.
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    Bookkeeping/Accounting Clerk
  Administration of Justice
    Homeland Security
    Law Enforcement
    Basic Police Academy
  Alcohol and Other Drug Studies
  American Indian Studies
American Sign Language - English Interpreter Training Program
    Archaeological Excavator
    Archaeological Surveyor and Laboratory Assistant
  Apprenticeship Training
    Acoustical Installer, Carpentry, Drywall/Lather, Electrician, Inside Wireman, Plasterer,
    Sheet Metal, Sound and Communication Systems Installer, Sound Technician
     Architectural Drafting
     Eco-Building Professional
    Digital Animation, Compositing, and Music
    Graphic Design
    Interactive Media Design
          Emphasis in 3D Modeling and Animation
          Emphasis in Multimedia Design
    Pictorial Arts
          Emphasis in Painting
          Emphasis in Printmaking
    Three-Dimensional Arts
          Emphasis in Ceramics
          Emphasis in Crafts
          Emphasis in Glass
          Emphasis in Jewelry and Metalsmithing
          Emphasis in Sculpture
  Art - Design - Graphic Design
Art - Illustration
  Athletics and Competitive Sports (info)

Automotive Technology
    Auto Chassis and Drive Lines
    Auto Collision Repair
    Electronic Tune Up and Computer Control Systems
    Mechanics - General

  Aviation Sciences
    Aviation Operations and Management
    Aircraft Commercial Pilot
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B Biology
     Biology - General
     Biology - Preprofessional
    Advertising, Marketing, and Merchandising
    Business Administration
    Business - General

        Emphasis in Business Education
        Emphasis in Graphic Communication (See GCMW)

    Retail Management
    Salesperson - Retail
  Business Management
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C Cabinet Furniture and Technology  

    Cabinetmaking and Furniture Design
    Cabinetmaking and Millwork
    Carving Technology
    Case Furniture Construction/Manufacturing
    Furniture Making
    Guitar Making Technology
    Lathe Turning Technology
    Table and Chair Manufacturing
    Veneering Technology
    Woodworking Skills Technology
  Child Development
    Assistant Teacher
    Child and Family Services
    Early Childhood Administration

    Early Inclusion Teacher
    Infant/Toddler Teacher
    Preschool Teacher
    School Age Assistant
  Communications - Public Relations
  Computer Science - Computer Science
     Computer Science
     Computer Science with Emphasis in Video Gaming
     Java Software Development
     Mac Programming
     Video Game Artist
     Video Game Developer
  Computer Science - Information Technology
     Information Technology
     Visual Basic
  Computer Science - Networking
    Computer Network Administration with Emphasis in Cisco
    Computer Network Administration with Emphasis in Linux
    Computer Network Administration with Emphasis in Microsoft
  Computer Science - Web Technology
    Web Developer with Emphasis in Java/Open Source
    Web Developer with Emphasis in Windows
    Web Server Administrator with Emphasis in Linux
    Web Server Administrator with Emphasis in Windows
  Construction Inspection
  Cooperative Education (info)
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D Dance        
     Euro Western Dance
     World Dance
  Dental Assisting - Registered Dental Assistant
  Diesel Mechanics Technology - Diesel Technology
  Digital Broadcast Arts
     Broadcast Journalism
     Digital Media
     Digital Video
     Entertainment Technology
     Radio and Television
  Drafting Technology
     Computer Assisted Drafting
     Drafting Technology - Multimedia
     Drafting Technology - Technical
     Electro-Mechanical Drafting and Design
     Interactive Media Design
          Emphasis in 3D Modeling and Animation
          Emphasis in Multimedia Design
E Economics
  Emergency Medical Education
    EMT Basic
    Paramedic Training
  Entertainment Technology
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F Family and Consumer Sciences
     Fashion Design
     Fashion Merchandising
  Fire Technology
    Emergency Management
G General Studies
    Arts and Humanities
    Science and Mathematics
    Social and Behavioral Sciences
    Advanced Geographic Information Systems
    Geographic Information Systems
  Graphic Communications - Imaging & Publishing
    Digital Arts
    Digital Imaging
    Digital Prepress Operator
    Electronic Publisher
    Graphic Communications, Emphasis in Electronic Publishing
    Graphic Communications, Emphasis in Management
    Graphic Communications, Emphasis in Production

    Screen Printer
    Screen Printing
  Graphic Communications - Multimedia & Web
    Digital Animation, Compositing, and Music
    Digital Media
    Digital Video
    E-Commerce Design
    Interactive Media Design
          Emphasis in 3D Modeling and Animation
          Emphasis in Multimedia Design
     Interactive Web Multimedia and Audio
          Emphasis in Graphic Communication
          Emphasis in Business Education (See Business)
     New Media Compositing, Authoring, and Distribution
     Video Game Artist
     Web Data Base Design
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I Insurance
    Commercial and Personal Insurance Services
    Insurance Services
Interior Design
  International Business
J Journalism
    Broadcast Journalism
    Multimedia Journalism
K Kinesiology
    Adult Fitness/Health Management
L Legal Studies
    Legal Studies
    Legal Support Assistant
  Library Technology - Library and Information Technology
M Mathematics
    Mathematics AS-T*    (*See counselor for more details)
    Digital Animation, Compositing, and Music
N Nursing Education
    Associate in Arts (AA)
    AA in Nursing for LVNs
    Associate in Science (AS)
    AS in Nursing for LVNs
    Non-Degree 30 Unit Option for LVNs
    Nursing for Diploma RNs
O Office Information Systems
    Administrative Assistant
    Data Entry
    International Administrative Assistant
    Medical Language Specialist
    Medical Office Management
    Medical Office Specialist

    Virtual Assistant
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P Photography
    Digital Imaging
    Fine Art Traditional Photography
    Alcohol and Other Drug Studies
    Psychological and Social Services
    Psychology AA-T*    (*See counselor for more details)
  Public Administration
  Public Works Management
    Level I
    Level II
R Radio and Television (See Digital Broadcast Arts)
  Real Estate
    Real Estate Appraisal License Preparation
    Real Estate Broker License Preparation
    Real Estate Salesperson License Preparation
    Outdoor Leadership
    Recreation Agency Leader
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S Sociology AA-T*    (*See counselor for more details)
  Speech - Speech Communication
T Theatre Arts
    Entertainment Technology
    Theatre Arts
    Technical Theatre
U University Studies    
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W Wastewater Technology Education
Water Technology Education
    Entry-Level Gas Metal Arc/Flux Cored Arc Welding
    Entry-Level Gas Tungsten Arc Welding
    Entry-Level Shielded Metal Arc-Welding
    Welding Technology
  Women's Studies
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