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Counseling Appointments
What you will find on this page:
1. What is a counseling appointment
How to make an appointment
3. How to prepare for your appointment
When and Where
With Whom

What is a counseling appointment

Academic advisement, career guidance, distance-counseling, and personal counseling related to academic success are provided. Counseling services are provided according to the needs of each student as described in the following web pages:

Academic Counseling
Career Counseling
Transfer Counseling
Personal  and Mental Health Counseling
Additional Counseling Services and Programs

Academic advisement is available to students seeking assistance with scheduling or clarification of requirements for certificates, graduation or transfer.  Inasmuch as careful course selection is a key to a successful college experience and is subject to change, it is wise for students to consult with a counselor each semester.

During high volume periods (registration times), group counseling sessions may also be available for new students only.  Individual appointments are recommended for follow up during the semester.

The Counseling Department is happy to offer counseling appointments via Skype.  If you have a Skype account, you can "meet" with a counselor from anywhere in the world!  Ask the front desk today to schedule your online counseling appointment.  Not intended for first time college students.

How to make an appointment to see a counselor

In order to make an appointment, you need to apply to Palomar College first to obtain an ID number.  Ideally, you want to complete your assessment for math and English before meeting with a counselor.

Due to the high volume of students we are currently serving, appointments are only scheduled 7 days in advance of your request.  If you can not keep your appointment, please inform the front desk or call to cancel in order to avoid a "no show."   If you have three no show's, you will need to meet with the Department Chair before making another appointment with a counselor. 

You can schedule a 45-minute appointment year round with a counselor.  Appointments can be made in person at the Counseling front desk.  Come in before 10:00 am to obtain an appointment. You can also call the following locations to make an appointment:

San Marcos Counseling Center at (760) 891-7511
Escondido Counseling Center at (760) 744-1150 x8157
Camp Pendleton at (760) 725-6626**

Schedule your appointment early to avoid the rush.  Waiting the week before classes start is generally not a good idea because it will be late in the registration process, classes will be full, and appointments will be booked 1 week in advance.

**Camp Pendleton Students:  New students are required to attend an orientation typically held on Tuesdays at 12:00 pm.  Once the orientation is completed, an individual appointment with a counselor can be made.

How to prepare for you appointment:

Be prepared to talk about your academic goals (major, degree/certificate objective) and/or career objectives, even if you are unsure about what those goals may be.  Also, make sure to bring the following to your appointment:

  • A list of questions to ask
  • Copies of transcripts from other colleges, AP or IB scores
  • Paperwork from previous appointments such as educational plan, PCC transcripts, general education checklists and any additional research.

When and Where

Check the Location and Hours page for General Counseling appointments. 


Counseling appointments are also available online via Skype.

Counselors are also available in other areas for specific programs and populations through the TLC, STEM Center, DRC, EOPS, TRiO, CalWORKs, Financial Aid, Veteran Services, and Athletics.

With Whom
Students are not assigned a counselor in General Counseling. Students can set up appointments with the first available counselor or they may request a specific counselor. For counseling contact information, go to our Staff web page. 
Palomar Community College District 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069-1487 Telephone:  (760) 744-1150