This site was designed with specific ideals in mind. To make those ideals a reality, the latest web authoring technologies were used. Unfortunately, some of those technologies are not functional when displayed in Netscape Communicator (at least up to version 4.7X). The site may still be legible, but several of the pages may appear with overlapping images and text. This is a result of Netscape's inability to construct the newer code properly. However, the most recent version, Netscape 6.1, has been tested successfully to show the content as it was intended to be seen within this site.

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1. Click START and move you mouse to SETTINGS and then over to CONTROL PANEL.

2. Find and double-click DISPLAY.

3. The DISPLAY PROPERTIES will open as pictured below. Click on the SETTINGS tab at the top of the window.

4. On the SETTINGS tab, just below midway on the right-hand side, there is a setting for SCREEN AREA (or possibly DESKTOP SIZE). It should read 1024 by 768. If not, you can move the the slider to the right to increase the screen resolution.