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Business and Contract Services

Business Services at Palomar College includes the following departments:

■  Contract Services
■  Risk Management
■  Purchasing
■  Auxiliary Services
■  Warehouse Services



Independent Contractor Agreement

(Services over $600.00)

An independent contractor is someone who provides services that are unrelated to the employer’s primary business and who offers these services to the general public. An employee is someone for whom Palomar College, as an employer, controls what work is to be performed, when the work is performed and where the work is performed.

In order to hire an independent contractor you must first complete the Employee-Employer Questionnaire to determine if the company or individual meets the IRS standard of being a contractor vs. an employee of the District.  No Independent Contractor Agreements will be processed if the completed Employee-Employer Questionnaire is not attached and approved by the Requestor’s Supervisor, Director, Dean or Vice President.

To access these instructions and forms, click here.

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