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PROJECT DETAIL - BID CM-13-14-Clear & Grub-XX

Palomar Clear and Grub Project

Type of
The Clear & Grub project consists of approximately 375,000 SF of land, covering both the future baseball field and Child Development Center sites.  Work includes, earthwork, extensive Erosion Control & BMP's and Surveying with Ariel Topography.  See bid package breakdown below:
CM-13-14-Clear & Grub-01: Earthwork (Swinerton PreQual required)
CM-13-14-Clear & Grub-02: Erosion Control (no PreQual required)
CM-13-14-Clear & Grub-03: Surveying & Ariel Topography (no PreQual required)
Pre-Qualification Status: Bidders for Bid Package CM-13-14-Clear & Grup-01: Earthwork must have already submitted and been approved by Swinerton Builders as a Prequalified Bidder.  Prequalification period for this project has closed.
Project Documents: Bid documents
Starting Tuesday, October 15, 2013, all Bid documents, Plans & Specifications can also be obtained by contacting Meagan Erickson with Swinerton Builders at 858-815-2417 or via email
Project Stage: Open
Mandatory Conference/
A MANDATORY pre-bid conference shall be held on October 22, 2013 @ 10:00 am at **SSC-1 Governing Board Room on the San Marcos campus, 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069.  Any bid submitted by a Bidder who does not attend the mandatory pre-bid conference shall be considered a non-responsive bid.
**NOTE: Room change
Closing Date: No later than 2:00 PM on October 28, 2013 Document Delivery Location: Palomar Community College District,
Governing Board Room, SSC-1
1140 West Mission Road
San Marcos, CA 92069
Attn:  Kara Swafford
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Contact Information: Kara Swafford, Swinerton Project Manager, 858-815-2464 or

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