Palomar Academy for Collaborative Teaching (PACT)
Faculty Consortium
Student Success

Runtime: 1 hr 17 mins  
Three teams of faculty members have been meeting on a regular basis to discuss a topic of interest to almost all faculty members: how to support and motivate students who are not being successful in class. We have looked at a book, Why We Do What We Do, by Edward Deci, explored an innovative program at Cabrillo College (Academy for College Excellence), and we are considering what interventions we want to try for next semester.  After trying some innovative approaches in our classes, we will present our findings to the College in the Spring Semester.  We will send out an invitation as the date gets nearer.  Participating faculty include: Larry Lawson, ESL; Erin Feld, Reading; Rudy Jacobo, Multicultural Studies; Sande Andre, Interior Design / Architecture; Marian Ross, Sociology; Jackie Smith, Religious Studies; and Judy Wilson, Psychology.

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