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Robin                 Robin

Robin began life in a test tube as a government gene-splicing experiment.  Scientists wanted to know what would happen if they combined the DNA of Jane Austen, James Joyce, Mark Twain, and the Bronte sisters.

Robin escaped the government labs and was raised by a “ravenous yet surprisingly sensitive” pack of wolves.  During his adolescent years, pirates got a hold of the boy and took him to their pirate ship were they educated him on the English language and all things related to the word “Arrhggggg matey!”  From there, Robin transferred into a nomadic band of Ninjas for further training in grammar, spelling, and nunchucks.  Next, Robin studied at Palomar College and transferred to UC Berkeley, where he received a degree in English with Honors.  He taught English to high school students in South Korea for two years, and will now attend UC Davis for graduate school and train to become the fifth Ninja Turtle.

He has a passion for telling stories and loves helping students.  Please go and ask him for help with your English papers, even if you do not really need any.  It will make his day.


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