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Office Hours
The TLC is a great place to hold your office hours or to meet with students. We can provide you with a private room and a notebook computer to use. If you would like to use one of our work rooms, please check with us a day in advance if possible.
Make-Up Exams
The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC) offers a space for students to make-up exams.  Completed exams can be picked up by the instructor at the TLC.  Please note that while we provide this service, the TLC is an open environment where other students, faculty, and tutors are talking and studying.  Please fill-out the following form to accompany your exam(s):
Review Sessions
The math and English tutors in the TLC are hired and trained by the departments. Our tutors can conduct review sessions to prepare your students for exams using materials that you provide. By providing us with a syllabus early in the semester, we can better schedule tutoring and review sessions to meet the needs of your students.
Sample Essays & Exams
The TLC can securely store sample essays, old exams, grading rubrics, and other reference materials for your students to access, and for our tutors to better know your course and expectations.
ESC-500B Classroom and Study Room Reservations
The TLC has a multi-purpose smart classroom (seats 30) available for workshops or class meetings, as well as study rooms for group study or instructor-student conferences.  Please e-mail your reservation requests to Mario Martinez at: mmartinez3@palomar.edu, Calvin W. Lew at: clew@palomar.edu, or call the TLC at: (760) 744-1150, Ext. 8171.  If the room(s) are not utilized within 15 minutes of the reservation time, they may be allocated for the convenience of other users.
Capture Video Using iMovie and Share to YouTube
Are you or your students creating video projects for class? Faculty and students can record videos on the MacBooks in the TLC and post them to YouTube to share with colleagues and classmates.  Assistance is available.
Recommend Your Students to Use the TLC
The most recent research shows that students who use the TLC for math and English have a higher success rate. We encourage you to add a blurb on the TLC in your syllabus. (Below is a sample.)
The Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), located in ESC-500 in the Escondido Center, offers free tutoring for ESL, English, Math, and Spanish with no appointments necessary.  It is a great place to study, do homework, work in a study group, and do online research. Printing, various workshops, and counseling are also available. Spring 2015 Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00 A.M. - 7:30 P.M. and Friday 8:00 A.M. - 3:45 P.M. For more information: (760) 744-1150, Ext. 8171.

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Other Faculty Resources:

Reading Between the Lives Video
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Directed Learning Activities
A Directed Learning Activity (DLA) is an exercise developed by a faculty member that students complete in a tutoring center. A DLA allows the students to gain more practice on a concept or skill introduced in class.  A DLA differs from a homework assignment in that a DLA 1) usually has a short time limit - 30 to 45 minutes, and 2) requires a follow-up session with a tutor after completion.

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