Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental instruction is an academic support program that has been used nationwide with great success.   A typical course targeted for supplemental instruction is a historically difficult course.  An SI tutor is selected and trained to help students.  This SI tutor is a former student who has successfully completed the course.  The SI tutor attends all course meetings and runs a regularly scheduled SI session for students.  In the SI session, students review course concepts with the SI tutor.  The SI tutor also covers course strategies, time management skills, and exam review with the students.  The SI sessions are closely aligned with the course.  As Vincent Tinto says,

 “Unlike the more privileged students in residential universities, many low-income students do not have the privilege of spending time on campus after class.  Once class is over, they leave campus to attend to other obligations.  If we do not reach students in the classroom and align our actions to reshape their experience in the classroom, we will miss the great majority of students who need our support.  …low-income students typically approach success one course at a time.  They seek to succeed in one course, then move on to the next.  The object of supplemental instruction is to help students achieve that goal, one course at a time.” 

(Vincent Tinto, Access Without Support Is Not Opportunity, Inside Higher-Ed, June 9, 2008)












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