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Learn more about the religions that shape the lives of people from across the globe and about the elements of religion that take on new forms today.  Enroll in one of the many interesting classes offered.

Religious Studies at Palomar College is part of the Behavioral Sciences Department.

Currently, the program has one full-time member of the faculty and five adjunct faculty.

Religious Studies offers courses in World Religions, Religion in America, Religion in American History, Ritual/Symbol/Myth, Introduction to Judaism, Islamic Cultures, and History of Christianity.  Each class satisfies General Studies requirements for University of California and California State University institutions.

Direct all inquiries about the Religious Studies Program to Craig Forney at (760) 744-1150 extension 3935,


Craig Forney, Ph.D., extension 3935,

Religious Studies is offering Introduction to Buddhism, RS104 during the 2015 Intersession, May 19-June 11. The class will be taught by Palomar Emeritus Professor Zachary Seech. Dr. Seech will introduce students to the core practices, beliefs instituations and charicteristics of Buddhist communities. Dr. Seech is an acclaimed and lively instructor. The class will meet in MD314 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8 - 11:50 am. Sign up now to reserve your place for RS 104.


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