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4-Year (Bachelor) Degree at
Palomar College

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Southern Illinois University

On the campus of Palomar College

Southern Illinois University (SIU) offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management on the Palomar College campus. This program is open to students from Palomar College and students from other colleges in the area, as well as military personnel and citizens of the community.

Assuming a student enters the SIU program with the proper lower division course work, he/she can complete the 4 year degree in Aviation Management is as little as 16 months.

Class Schedule and Course Descriptions

For class schedule and course descriptions visit SIU Aviation Management

SIU Program Advisor at Palomar College

(760) 744-4600
San Marcos Campus room NS-110F

The SIU program advisor can assist you in evaluating how much of your previous college course work, military experience, flight experience, or life experience can be credited toward your 4 year degree in Aviation Management.

Preparation for transfer from Palomar College to SIU

Palomar College and SIU have an articulation agreement that specifies the courses that SIU will accept from Palomar College toward their Bachelor of Science Degree in Aviation Management.

If a student is considering transferring from Palomar College to SIU, it is strongly suggested that the student obtain a copy of the courses contained in this articulation agreement as soon as possible. For maximum efficiency, it is vital that a student take courses (especially “general education” courses) that will apply to both the 2 year (Associate of Science) degree at Palomar College was well as the 4 year (Bachelor of Science) degree at Southern Illinois University. Failing to do this may require a student to take additional courses at Palomar College prior to transferring to SIU. The SIU program advisor at Palomar College can assist students with the selection of the proper courses.

If a student is transferring with college credit from a college other than Palomar College, he/she should schedule an appointment with the SIU program advisor at Palomar College as soon as possible to have his/her transfer credits evaluated for transferability into the SIU program.