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Chris Freeman-  Freebird, Age: 22, 5'9, 160 lbs, H.S. Clairemont HS.  Favorite course:  Makena N, Mauii, Favorite player:  Boo Weekly, Lowest score: 65.  Hobbies: surfing, eating, drinking, trying to get girls.  Family: Dad Earle, Mom Jackie, Sisters Tanya and Cindy.  His goals are to get better at surfing and first.

2009 swing

Corey Reese- Freshman, Age: 19, 5'10", 145 lbs.  H.S. Poway HS, Favorite course: Torrey South, Favorite player:  Adam Scott, Lowest score:  66.  Hobbies include cars, kickin it, chasin ladies, snowboarding, wakeboarding and video games.  Family:  Mom Valerie, Dad: Paul, Sister Ariene.  His goals are to transfer to a 4-year university and then play professional golf.

2009 swing

Vincent Stong- Vince, Freshman- Age: 19, 5'10", 150 lbs, H.S. St. Augustine HS, Favorite Courses:  Bridges, Barona, and Journey @ Pechanga, Favorite player:  Ernie Els, lowest score: 66 at Carlton Oaks.  Hobbies:  Flag football, and basketball.  His goal is to improve his putting.

2009 swing

Josh Kennington- JD, Freshman- Age: 21, 200 lbs, Rancho Buena Vista HS, Favorite course: Turtle Bay, golfer- TW, Lowest score- 70, Hobbies: working on cars, xbox, poker, Family: Dad Sheldon, Mom Michelle and three bros-Tom, Jake and David.  Plans to transfer in 2010 and play golf.
Clayton Anady - Big Bird, Sophomore- Age: 21, 6'5", 170 lbs, Carlsbad HS, Favorite course: Bay Hill, Favorite golfer:  Freddy Couples, Lowest score:  68, Hobbies:  playing video games.   Family oriented golfer from Carlsbad HS, majoring in Business  Was a top golfer in the Avocado League as a three-year varsity player.  Was the captain his junior and senior year.  Plans on going to a four-year university. Has a loving family. One-year goal- become a top golfer in conference, and win state.
Ryan Card-Smiley, Sophomore Age:  20, 5'11", 160 lbs, HS Chaparral.  Favorite course:  Wolf Creek.  Favorite player: Fuzzy Zoeller,  Lowest score: 68, Hobbies:  ladies, Family:  Mom, Dad, Sister, Grandma.  His goals are to shoot under par, have a low average, and be top ten in the OEC.
Scott Wyers-Da Bus, Sophomore- Age:  19, 6'3", Wt: 190. A passionate golfer from El Camino High School. Favorite player is Ernie Els, and would like to get a recruited to a four-year university. Has shot 63 at Arrowood GC.  Was a three-year varsity player in HS, and captain senior year.  A top-ten player in Avocado League junior and senior year.  Family:  Mom Kristie, Sister Janelle, Dog Kaela.  His goals are to get back in shape and transfer to a 4-year university for golf.
Chris Durso-Sophomore. Age: 20, 5'8", 200 lbs, Montgomery HS, Favorite course:  Cypress Point, Favorite golfer: T Dub, Lowest score: 68, Hobbies: magic, football,  His goals are to lose 10 lbs, and shoot under par consistently.
Tyler Lyons- Smalls, Sophomore, 20 years old, 5'11", 145 lbs, San Pasqual HS, Favorite course-Torrey Pines, golfer- TW, Lowest score-67, Hobbies:  fast cars, flag football, Family:  sister, mom and dad, Goals:  To become an established amateur and professional player, graduate with a business degree in 3 years.

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Chris Steilen-Twitch, Sophomore, Age:  22, Wt:  160, Ht:  5'11", Carlsbad HS,  He enjoys music, sleeping, and shooting 65 at Oak Creek.  His other favorite courses include Aviara, Barona.  He likes golf because he's good at it, and it's fun.  He aspires to win the State Championship and get a scholarship to a 4-year university.  He'll be easy to spot on the course as he dresses like his favorite golfer--Ian Poulter.  Family:  Father Robert, Mother Christina

2009 swing

Kyle Inman--Thinman, Sophomore. Age:  21, Wt:  185, Ht:  5'11".  He loves to golf because "you have to work hard to play well, yet it is never perfect".  He likes to play the drums (I'm sure his parents like it too).  His favorite courses are Riviera, Passatiempo, and Big Horn. His lowest score is 68 at the SCGA course.  He aspires to play along his favorite player, Tiger Woods, on the PGA.  He has two loving families with and older brother and three step-sisters.

2007 swing

Blake Humphrey--Humpty, Sophomore. Age: 20, Wt: 145, Ht: 6'.  H.S.-San Degieto Academy.  He likes to work on his car (it's a nice one!).  He likes golf because he says he's not good at anything else.  His best scores are 63 at Encinitas Ranch and 64 at Torrey Pines North (that's deep!).  His favorite courses include Barona, Maderas, and Torrey Pines South.  He likes to watch sweet swinging Fred Couples. His goal is to transfer and play at a 4-year university.

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