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Comets to the Pros
Major Leagues (Players)
Troy Afenir: Astros, A's, Reds George Hinshaw: Padres, Dodgers Randy Johnson: Braves
Jim Scranton: Royals    
Major Leagues (Pre-Season Players)
Will Flynt: Pirates Dana McManus: Tigers Scot Mitchell: A's
Ernie Oliva: Angls, Padres Mike Walter: Astros Rich Zinniger: Padres
Major Leagues (Coaching / Front-Office)
Darren Balsley, Pitching Coach, Padres Randy Johnson: Assistant GM, Tigers, A's Robert McLeod: Director of Scouting, Red Sox
Minor Leagues
Skip Adams: Padres Keith Anderson: Giants Russ Appletgate: A's
Darren Balsley: Blue Jays Randy Burger: Royals Darrel Berck: Indians
Pete Chapin: Expos Chad Corcoran: Independent Billy Dunckel: Angels
Will Flynt: Japan, Mesican League (AAA), Pirates (AAA) Dave Fonseca: Giants Yale Fowler: Dodgers
Carl Grovom: Reds Jacob Guzman: Royals Joe Holzbauer: Braves
Ron Howard: Tigers Deron Johnson: Mariners Don Johnson: Angels
Bobby Koba: Independent Brian Kooiman: Independent Ryan Larson: Independent
Denny McAdams: Rockies Robert McLeod: Astros Dana McManus: Tigers
Nathan Meza: Cardinals Scot Mitchell: A's Opie Moran: Cardinals
Jeff Nettles: Yankees Tim Nettles: Yankees Ernie Oliva: Padres, Angels
Bobby Parry: A's Josh Pascarella: Astros Mark Ringkamp: Rangers
Randy Robinson: Orioles Scott Robinson: Astros Steve Rohlmeier: Independent
Barry Schell: Marlins Rob Schilling: Mets Jesse Schmidt: Giants
Kevin Skahan: Padres Rick Somers: Independent Sef Soto: Dodgers
Jerry Stafford: Marlins Chad Stewart: Independent Paul Sweeney: Independent
Scott Thayer: Braves Adam Thompson: Independent Phil Thompson: Independent
Mike Walter: Astros Matt Woychak: Independent Jason Wright: Pirates
Porter Wyatt: Brewers Rich Zinnigr: Padres  


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