1140 W. Mission Rd.
San Marcos, CA 92069
(760) 744-1150 X 2460
FAX (760) 761-3512
Athletic Director:
Scott Cathcart


Palomar College Cheerleading Try-outs



When: May 19 and 20 10am-1pm

Where: Palomar College Dome/Main Campus

1140 W.Mission Rd San Marcos CA 92078 (Parking Is Enforced)

Tryout Fee: $10 per athlete required

 Forms: Liability Waiver and Candidate Information Sheet available at Check in

Questions: Contact Coach Arroyo jarroyo@palomar.edu

It is important to know that all recommended skills are just that. All are welcome to try out. Due to the competitive nature of the sport, skills will not be taught. However, I am looking at athleticism and general knowledge of cheerleading skills. Previous experience is highly recommended. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Coach Jaime Arroyo at jarroyo@palomar.edu

Tryout attire:

Females- black sports bra, black spandex shorts (no loose shorts), white cheerleading/athletic shoes, hair half up half down big loose curls. Big 3" red bow, natural make up, NO jewelry!!! 

Males- black t shirt/tank/sleeveless top, black shorts, white cheerleading/athletic shoes, clean-shaven and well groomed, NO jewelry!!!

We are looking for an All-American Collegiate Image. (Will be judged worth 5 points.)

Recommended skills: 


  • Running tumbling: round off back-handspring back tuck or better
  • Standing tumbling: standing back-handspring or better (standing tuck preferred
  • Top girls: must demonstrate a coed toss to hands liberty; a front facing variation i.e. heel stretch, front stretch, over stretch, pull through with full down; a side facing variation i.e.; arabesque, scorpion, scale, spike, tilt with a double down
  • Bases: must demonstrate elite entrances into an extended level target position and or variation i.e. tick-ups, full ups, rewinds, toss ups and/or elite releases i.e. full around, tick tock, single base holds. Also a double twisting dismount must be executed.
  • Tosses: any specialty baskets will suffice as long as they are executed with proper form and technique. Flipping baskets preferred (kick doubles and singles are acceptable).


  • Running Tumbling: round off back tuck or better
  • Standing Tumbling: standing back tuck or better
  • Partner Stunting: a toss to hands with clean over extended pop off. A demonstration of any and all partner stunting abilities. Group stunting may also be demonstrated.