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Course Outlines
Palomar College is actively transferring course outline information into CurricUNET. Some courses are not completely loaded at this time.
To look up a course outline, use the Course Search link below.  Username and password are NOT required.  The course search will ask for the following:
  1. Status - Make sure to select the "Active" button
  2. Discipline - Select the discipline from the drop down box
  3. Course Number - Select the number of the class (ex: 110).  You do not need to input a course number.  This can be left blank in to pull up all the course outlines from one discipline.
  4. Course Title - Input the title, if known
 Course Outline - Course Outline of Record
The course outline of record includes catalog description, objectives, methods of instructions, contents, textbooks, readings, assessment and more.
Course Impact - Course Impact Report
 Course Changes - Course Changes
 Student Learning Outcomes - Student Learning Outcomes
Get Course Outlines
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