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In 1995, a group was organized to help and assist the college staff with the arboretum's operation and maintenance. This group, called the Friends of the Palomar College Arboretum, is an organization composed of biologists, naturalists, horticulturalists, businessmen, retirees, college students/staff and the general public. All of whom appreciate and enjoy the natural gifts the arboretum offers. There are presently many active members. Brian Hawthorne, was a past president of Palomar's A.S.G. in 1973, and along with James Robert Kelly, was responsible for the Governing Board's decision to set aside an area for arboretum development.

The Friends of Palomar College Arboretum continues to grow and always welcomes new members.

In the past, the college arboretum has been funded and assisted by the college, the Patrons of Palomar College, Friends of the Palomar College Arboretum, Palomar College Student Government, volunteers, local Boy Scout troops and the Palomar College Foundation.

Donations help to promote arboretum projects can be made payable to the "Palomar College Foundation: Arboretum"
Donation and Memberships

Thank you for your support of the Friends of Palomar College Arboretum!!