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Mrs. Edna Pulver (center) receiving an award and words of appreciation from the Palomar College Arboretum Committee, President Bob Deegan and Governing Board Trustee Nancy Chadwick. Mrs. Pulver's generous donation will be used to restore the James Hubbell out-door structure. The award was a James Hubbell original painting.

See more photos of James Hubbell and his structure in the Palomar College Arboretum.

Rick Kratcoski, Tony Rangel, Pat Archer, President Bob Deegan, Board Trustee Nancy Chadwick
Photo by Melinda Finn

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Thank you to our many donors:

Balboa Park
Bamboo Headquarters
Cycad Center
Discovery Island Palms
Exotica Nursery

Green Thumb Nursery
Indian Rock Cycads and Palms
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The Return of the Native with Ed Schwinn
Ed is a vendor at the Saturday morning Farmer's Market at the Vista Courthouse)
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Wayne Armstrong
Richard Borevitz
Brian Hawthorne
Suzie Ironmonger, Cycad Center
Edna Pulver
Daniel Cole

The soon to be restored James Hubbell structure.